Allen Atha

Designer, Instructor & Storyteller

Motion Graphic Project

This project was created in partnership with Dew Drop Studios, a graphic design firm. They supplied the narration and graphics, while I put it into motion. A really great collaboration experience!

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JavaScript Drawing Application

  • Posted in: Design
  • Written by: aatha
  • On: July 20, 2016

I’ve been enjoying a TON of drawing and painting applications as I have begun the art for my electronic story book “The Red Jump Dragon”. I thought I would take some time to explore how they work. This was made possible with the new canvas element in HTML 5. I’m calling it: Simple Drawing Application. It’s […]

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Kinetic Typography Story

One night while I was checking in on my daughter while she was supposed to be going to sleep, I overheard her telling a story to her dolls. I ran to get my phone, returned and then asked her if I could record her telling it again. Of course she was more than happy to stall […]

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Autodesk’s Sketchbook Mobile

Autodesk’s Sketchbook Mobile is available for iOS! I have tried many sketch/drawing/painting applications for Apple mobile devices and this has the most extensive capabilities by far. It has the ability for importing image files, working with multiple transparent layers, color sampling and several brush tips, but what I really appreciate about the app is that […]

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Using Adobe After Effects To Enhance Emotion

I recently discovered the amazing Phantogram. I first heard their song “When I’m Small” when it popped up on one of my Pandora stations. I immediately liked it, purchased it on iTunes and set it in a loop. I wanted to create something visually emotional that expressed what I felt while I was listening to […]

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Paper by 53

Paper is a sketchbook application for the iOS. It was released by Fiftythree for the iPad in 2012 with additional options for in app purchasing. That is no longer the case. Paper has a beautiful interface with a “hideaway” drawer for the several brush and color options. Paper is a great option for those of us […]

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Using Adobe After Effects to Enhance a Memory

I recently found some old home videos of my daughters. Of course I was overcome with emotion and nostalgia when looking on at them so young and curious. I wanted to capture these nostalgic feelings in a visual way and so I turned to Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to really capture how I […]

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“ ...he is completely understanding and overall a good man. We used the books everyday...He's really great and super dependable. ”
— Former Student