Allen Atha

Designer, Instructor & Storyteller



portrait of allen atha

Hi! I’m Allen.

I am a visual design, web design, audio and video production generalist. If that’s too much, I can sum it up into one word; story.

I love to hear them, tell them and teach others how to make them. It was my search for story that took me from out of the midwest and led me to San Francisco to get my BFA in motion pictures and television at the Academy of Art University. It was there that I met my wife Macarena Atha, an amazing artist.

We got married and moved to Southern California where I began the very interesting and under appreciated field of industrial films. This lead to teaching digital filmmaking at the Art Institute of California – Inland Empire. It is also where I learned that I loved to teach. I evolved my storytelling from film and photography into the realm of web and mobile design.

Currently, I am a freelance web designer, college professor, photographer and industrial filmmaker (that’s fancy for corporate videos).

I love stories. And, I would love to tell yours! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

“ ...he is completely understanding and overall a good man. We used the books everyday...He's really great and super dependable. ”
— Former Student