Allen Atha

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Paper by 53

paper by fiftythree icon

Paper is a sketchbook application for the iOS. It was released by Fiftythree for the iPad in 2012 with additional options for in app purchasing. That is no longer the case.

display of paper by fiftythree application

Paper has a beautiful interface with a “hideaway” drawer for the several brush and color options.

Paper is a great option for those of us that like to sketch on our iPads, but would like to see our work on, wait for it…PAPER!

book by fiftythree

The idea here is that you create a digital sketchbook, and then send it through the app to Fiftythree who will then print it and bind it in a number of beautiful options. What a great idea.

girl having picnic with a blue friendly monster under a tree

This picnic scene was taken from the pages of one of my ongoing sketchbooks.

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