Allen Atha

Designer, Instructor & Storyteller

Using Adobe After Effects to Enhance a Memory

I recently found some old home videos of my daughters. Of course I was overcome with emotion and nostalgia when looking on at them so young and curious.

I wanted to capture these nostalgic feelings in a visual way and so I turned to Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to really capture how I was feeling looking at these memories that in reality weren’t that old, but felt like forever ago.

To achieve the effect I changed the sequences frame rate and added film scratches and light leaks. I also added a film leaderĀ at the beginning and a roll out at the end.

The song is Rainbow Connection performed by the Dixie Chicks on the album Mary Had A Little Amp. My girls loved this CD and it was played over and over again in our Trailblazer for quite some time.

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